Monday, August 26

Shadows, Bumpers, and Ghosties- Oh My!

I have really bad hallucinations when I get stressed out. I see and hear things and it gets very distracting and annoying.
I just bought a book today. "Natural Witch" by Ellen Dugan. In a chapter on living as a witch, she recommends taking a few minuets every day just tuning in and paying attention to life and the energies around you.
I've been busy and a bit cut off for months and the hallucinations have become worse. I hardly have any nice ones anymore, just bothersome things.
Maybe that's my problem. Maybe I should pay more attention to all the craziness within me and without me. Weird energy is vying for my attention anyway and maybe I just need to turn around and face it dead-on.
Heck, I'll probably have fun along the way.

Thursday, August 15

Black Candles

I just bought some small black candles from the nearby metaphysical shop. They were small and 30 cents apiece, but they're the first black candles I've ever bought.
Black candles are used to dispel negative energy. For example, you could use one to aid in removing something harmful from your life.
Unfortunately, black candles have gained a little bit of notoriety from people's misunderstanding of their use. To get them, you have to have a metaphysical shop near you or purchase online.
I, however, know of a hack you can use if you don't have any black candles and need some fast.


  • (1) white candle
  • (1) 3, 5, or 7-inch long piece of black ribbon


  1. Tie the black ribbon neatly around the white candle. (Just once around, don't wrap it.)
  2. Just before you use it, anoint it and say a quick prayer: "[deity], please accept this candle and let it function just as a black candle would."
Warning: Don't let the flame reach the ribbon. This isn't something you should use if you have to burn the whole candle.

And there we go. You have a black candle.

News: Tidbits

I've decided to start posting regularly. However, it's difficult to post every week if I try to make things really philosophical and 'meaningful.' That word's in quotes because what I might think is meaningful may be seen as utter trash to someone else. (Especially if it's posted in the wee ours of morning.)
Anyway, I've decided that it would be cool to post little tidbits of stuff I find. I know that no one reads this right now, but hey. Someday. =)

Anyway, hope you future people enjoy the tidbits of information I'll start posting between the larger entries.
-Gwen <3