Tuesday, December 31

Stone Hearth Altar Design

I've been browsing fuckyeahaltars.tumblr.com like crazy the last few weeks, and I finally came up with a new altar design! Behold...

I also scored a tiny teapot that I made into a lantern. (Here's how I did it)
The incense in the dish is Juniper.

The altar's a bit small, but it's big enough for most things.

Sunday, September 22

A Review of Ellen Dugan's "Natural Witchery"

Weeks ago I came across a book on witchcraft: "Natural Witchery: Intuitive, Personal & Practical Magick" by Ellen Dugan.
It's a great book, rooted in tradition but flexible and dealing with newer subject matter. In this book, she teaches the basics of witchcraft, the more advanced practices, and recommendations for day-to-day life.
For example, she has a chapter on Wicca in the workplace. It talks about whether or not you should come out of the broom closet to co-workers, how to deal with anxiety using covert magickal methods, and using protective psychic armor.
She even talks about raising children in a Wiccan household, something that surprisingly few people talk about.
The information is valuable in the modern day yet probably timeless, her writing style is humorous and friendly but not corny, and her methods and recommendations are easily integrated into one's life. I heartily recommend it. =)

PS: She has a blog: ellendugan.blogspot.com
A lot of it is announcements, but there is some useful information and how-to's on there. Check it out!