Monday, February 4

Unwanted Returns

Hello, everyone! It has been a week and two days since I last posted. Oops. I think that I should start posting once a week on the same day. Monday seems good. Anyway, two days ago was Imbolc (pronounced i-molk)! It symbolized the rebirth of life during the winter times and the return of the sun. It must've also symbolized the return of my breakfast, because I ended up throwing up quite a bit that day. I was on a 3.5 hour car ride to my great-grandparent's house. They live up near Hearst castle and I get very car sick very easily. I turns out that I had the flu on top of the car sickness. Hip hip hooray.
Needless to say, I didn't get to celebrate Imbolc. I am feeling a bit better now (really quick flu), so I'm up and making plans. I will post them when I'm done. =)

Blessed be! May you steer clear of the flu.
-Gwen <3