Saturday, March 31

How to Cast a Circle

When I started practicing Wicca, I was unclear on how to cast Circles. I didn’t know if the rules were passed down through Covens, if they were purely intuitive, or even if they had casting rules. I started to wonder if everyone knew how to cast Circles and I was just lacking in spiritual knowledge. Finally, I came upon a small piece about  it in 'Living Wicca: A Further Guide for the Solitary Practitioner.' I found out that I have been creating Circles all my life! (Although mine were usually portable.)

This is how I create Circles.

Close your eyes, feel the energy of objects around you, and find a good place for your circle.
Glance around, visually establishing the borders of your Circle.
Use a Wand, Athame, your hand, or your mind to direct energy around you in a clockwise circle. Many people envision this circle on the ground, eye level, chest level etc. Just do what comes naturally to you. As your energy moves around you, picture it flowing out in vibrant color or light (mine is purple light) like ink from a pen, creating a protective circle around you. Allow your energy to orbit you like electrons around a nucleus, weaving trails of color around you and forming a strong, positive wall. This should help you focus your energy efficiently and protect you from most outside forces. To break the circle, imagine allowing a seam to open near the top of your circle. Push your way through it, allowing any remaining energies to ground and spread into the earth.

After breaking a circle, you may feel a bit aimless. This is because you are used to having energy focused on something. If you just used this energy, it is quite natural to a little feel confused, aimless, disoriented, or even a bit tired.
Sit down. Drink something. Focus on a small physical or mental craft. I usually write poetry, draw, or carve wands. Don't worry. Focus will return.


I woke up this morning, threw on my cloak, and headed out with my little sister to make myself my first broom.
His name is Ozwald. I later researched and found that 'Oswald' (pronounced oz-vald) is German for 'divine power'. Fitting, I suppose.
Although I much prefer staffs, I couldn't find a suitable branch on such short notice and suck with a broom instead. =)

Here's how I made him.

Materials Used:
  • The broken handle of an old gardening tool
  • The straps off a straw bale
  • A large bundle of twigs
  • 2 sturdy sticks about 7 inches long and a centimeter wide.
  • A wood burner

I took the bundle of twigs, made sure that they were of roughly equal length, and separated them into groups of 4. I took the first 2 groups and tied them at the top. Then I tied them to the first stick. 
I did the same to the other 2.
Then I weaved in the second stick through the groups and tied up the deal.
It ended up looking like this, but much tighter.
Then I tied the handle to it, thought up a name, wood burned said name into it, spontaneously added a sprig of mint and a sprig of thyme, blessed it with sage smoke, set it out by the door, and went back inside.

It took a medium amount of time and --while it doesn't look very pretty (I should use a different rope next time)-- It works.
I should have also taken pictures of the process, but I am quite happy with Ozwald. He was fun to make and offered me some bonding time with my little sister.
All in all, this was a great Ostara. =)

Happy Spring!!
Blessed be. <3

Friday, March 30

I'm Back

Well, I'm back.
I decided to step away from Wicca for a while after my Mother expressed concern over practitioners of the religion 'loosing touch with reality.' I value her opinion, and I know that she does have a point that many people do get carried away, so I stepped back for several months to think about it. I have to say, it was very interesting. I have concluded that the way I see the universe is fairly grounded and very positive, and that I want to continue to enjoy the way I see it in my own way.
Just doing this makes me feel happy. I feel like I have regained my place.
I am Wiccan.

... And I forgot to celebrate Ostara. Well, not exactly. Last week, I got the feeling that another Sabbat was coming, but I forgot to confirm that feeling. Ah well. I'm thinking about making a broom. I found the wooden handle of an old shovel or rake, and it spoke to me, so I'll use that. Now for some nice twigs...