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Articles: - Articles from the Pagan community.
Wikipedia Portal:Wicca - Wikipedia's collection of articles on Wicca.
Blogs: - A Wiccan how-to guide and blog. - A community-driven Wicca blog.
Altars: - A showcase of people's altars (don't let the name fool you, it is actually very classy).
Spells: - A decent site for spells. Might take some scouring, though.

Plants that Grow in my Area

If you're from Ojai, you will probably find this interesting. If not, just keep scrolling.


File:Eucalyptus Chapmaniana 5201.JPG File:Eucalyptus microtheca 1.jpg
Found: Forests
Basics: Healing
Uses: Use in healing sachets. Hang a small branch over a sickbed. String young, green pods in necklace to cure minor afflictions.

"Red Cedar" Juniper (Juniperus virginiana)

Found: In residential areas
Basics: Protection
Uses: Can be used in protection sachets, amulets, and incenses. The berries can be strung into a protection necklace. Used as a healing incense when paired with Rosemary.
Tips: It doesn't burn evenly or steadily, so it should be used in a mixed-dish or with a charcoal lighter tablet. (I usually pile the needles on top of sage, then light that.)

Mugwort (Artemisia )

Found: Beside rivers and streams
Basics: Purification and clairvoyance
Uses: Soothes poison oak burns. Carry to ward off poison and negativity.
Warnings: While mugwort is safe to eat in very small amounts, the oil is toxic and should never be consumed in large portions or quantities, and should never be eaten by pregnant women.

Oak (Quercus)

File:Quercus kelloggii 1 (nautical2k).jpg
Found: Everywhere

Basics: Knowledge, power, protection, and fertility (acorns).
Uses: Great all-purpose wand wood. Fertility amulets are made out of acorns. 
Tips: As with all plants, remember to ask permission before harvesting, and thank them. If possible, leave a liberation for the tree. (Wine, cakes, organic fertilizer, a pretty rock, etc.)

Rose (Rosa)

File:Tea rose hybrid and bud.JPG
Found: In residential areas
Basics: Healing and love
Uses: Carry rose-buds to find love. Bathe in rose water for healing and calm.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)

Found: In residential areas
Basics: Purification, protection, and intellect
Uses: Use in purification, protection, and exorcism incenses and sachets. Used as a healing incense when paired with Juniper.
Tips: Where I live, rosemary is grown in sidewalk-planters. I'm sure that, if you can't find it anywhere else, you could grab some in a pinch. (Just don't eat these street-goodies. It's right near the road and other nasty things.) It's also great to use in cooking.

White Sage (Salvia apiana)

File:Salvia apiana 001 — briweldon.jpg
Found: In the mountains and dry valleys
Basics: Purification and healing
Uses: Smoke is good for smudging.
Tips: Light a leaf or two, then blow out. The leaves will smolder on their own. Don't light more then a few leaves at a time in a confined area- a little goes a very long way.

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