Wednesday, January 23


Yikes! I really need to start posting on a regular basis. I've been avoiding it out of fear. I don't want to post anything on my mind, turning this into some kind of weird showcase of my bizarre life... Yet, when I think about it, I realize that might be a more realistic representation of what it's like being a Wiccan. A person. Alive.
Being a person is difficult. Being a nice one is even more so. Being a happy, well-balanced person is quite possibly the most difficult thing in the world. Many of us are at a loss of what to do in this department. Most only have a good handle on our sanity some of the time. This is nothing to be ashamed of. Why? Because we're all struggling. And that's okay. We're complicated creatures. Besides, what would we be without a little struggle?? It builds character, in the very least.
Sometimes, when I think about death and reincarnation, I get all worried about whether or not I'm "doing it correctly." There are so many strange and silly things with this thought, I'm almost embarrassed to put it out there... But it must be said, all the same.
Sometimes I think that maybe we reincarnate to learn something. To make up for something that we have done in another plane. To learn our lesson. Such thinking is rather unproductive if you get hung up on figuring out what you did and fixing it immediately. When I really reflect upon this, I tend to realize that it probably doesn't work like that. Frankly, I think that this line of reasoning is dumb if you get hung up on trying to fix something.
I don't know if we reincarnate, or how or why. I don't think that we're here to fix or make up for something. I used to follow this line of thinking when I was little. I would worry and obsess over it until I stayed up all night repeating badly-rhymed pleas to a silent god so that a ridiculous figure with red skin din't come and steal my soul when I wasn't looking. (Yes, that really happened. Many times.)

My point is, we all (and by this I mean me, specifically) need to stop getting hung up on whether or not we're doing The Right Thing. As much as I am confused by this world, I know some things: no one cares if all I post is rambling nonsense. No one is looking into our minds as we mull over the cosmos and pulling out their little red correction markers... And no one, no one is going to pull our souls out from under us.
As long as I know these things, I can relax into being myself. Which is what I was actually striving for the whole time.

...Which reminds me! Here are two links.
This Vlogbrothers video illustrates what I was just talking about beautifully.
This page is chock full of herbs and their magickal uses. Does it have anything to do with what I was just talking about? No. Is it awesome none the less? YES. =)

So remember. Don't be afraid. We'll all still love you.
Blessed be!
-Gwen <3