Friday, August 10

"Words Make Up Our World," Said the Wizard

Terry Pratchett is a wizard with words. I'm serious. Although his books tend to lean on the silly side (luckily, I love silliness), they hold quite a bit of truth. I love the way he relishes words, reveres stories, and reveals parts of the universe from a very different (and yet decidedly straightforward) point of view. Yes, his books are indeed silly- at the same time though, they may well be the most contemplative and meaningful books that you will ever come across. At least that's my take on them.

"There should be a word for words that sound like things would sound like if they made a noise, he thought. The word 'glisten' does indeed gleam oilily, and if there ever was a word for that sounded exactly the way sparks look as they creep across burned paper, or the way the lights of cities would creep across the world if the whole of human civilization was crammed into one night, then you couldn't do better then 'coruscate.'"  -Terry Pratchett, Equal Rites, page 207.

Wednesday, August 8

Pandas and Paradigms

I just fully realized something today.
When I first introduced my friend to my Sycamore Wand, she asked if I cloud turn her into something cool, like a panda. I responded that I'd try, but that the effects probably wouldn't be physical. I tried to picture a big, furry panda plodding around and eating things. However, try as I might, I couldn't quite capture the essence. I wasn't connecting properly. I suddenly realized how strange it was to see my friend sitting there in front of me, all gangly arms and legs, hair dyed funny colors, and clothing wrapped around her like a safety blanket. She was just so obviously human that I almost laughed. I gave up on trying to turn her into a panda and we did something else.

It took me long enough, but I finally realized why it didn't work.
Shapeshifting (or Mindshifting, really) takes place in one's own head. To alter someone's mental shape, you would have to alter their mind (which would would border on an intrusion at the best of times). My friend wasn't a panda then. She was clearly human. I could have nudged her toward being something else if she was pointed in that direction and if she really wanted to change.

You can't have someone make up your mind for you. This is a fundamental aspect of Wicca that I had foolishly overlooked that day. We all have to steer our own ships, accepting guidance, directions, nudges, and the occasional push from the surrounding waters.

-Gwen <3


Well then. Yikes. I'm sorry I haven't been posting... I'm kind of busy, what with trying to test out of high school. It seems that, in my haze of scratch paper and calculators, I forgot to observe Lughnasadh. Quite a fail on my part. Anyway, I'm back now and I'm going to post more often.