Wednesday, November 21

Secrecy Is Found

I got a laptop computer! It's second hand and the laptop hood keeps flopping over (it has to be balanced perfectly) and it's Vista.... But I'm happy. =)  As soon as the previous owners get all their stuff off (I'm still steering clear of all files and folders, just in case...) I'm going to put on Linux. It should use less memory and run faster. Besides, I miss my operating system. =)
Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. Now I can write in relative secrecy! How I missed laptops...

PS! I found a fun site.
I particularly liked this article on house cleansing.

Tuesday, November 20


Whenever I go to the local craft store, I browse through the hat section in search of a Proper Author hat. I was thinking that maybe I should get a cowboy hat, or an unrealistic Viking helmet (one with horns).
Hats are funny. It's an instant mood changer for many people. For example. Whenever I put on a fedora, I become very cocky and self-assured. It's an instant change. I've wondered why this is many times, but it wasn't until I read "Anansi Boys" that I really got it. In the story, someone explains the secret of wearing any hat: you have to have the right attitude.
This is intriguing to me. Basically, all you have to do to make a hat work is attune yourself to the hat's attitude- or it's hattitude. But what about that perfect hat that must be out there for you? How do you know that you've found it? Simple. The hat that looks and FEELS good on you without any effort at all is the hat for you. It doesn't take any tuning because both energies just WORK.
So basically, hats are like familiars that you have to attune to yourself and just kinda sit on your head. ....Unless you can endow your hat with enough creative energy that it becomes its own being! Then you could have a little familiar on your head that can whisper advice to you!!