Tuesday, April 2

Newton's Third Law

Hi, everyone! I'm sorry I haven't been posting. My life has taken some unpleasant turns recently, but things have been straightening out little by little. On top of this, I have a very silly problem that I've been trying to shake- I'm awful at keeping resolutions. I have resolved to fix this many a time, but it kind of slipped my mind. Like how, last month, I decided that I should really start posting weekly... Ahem.
Nonetheless, I am here to start posting things on Mondays now. Just try to be a little patient with me. It may just pay off.
...Which brings me to this week's topic! The balance of the universe.
The universe's balance is a very sturdy thing. No matter how hard you tip the scale, the other end swings back up. And the problem is, you can't exactly avoid the other side that is hurdling toward you at breakneck speeds. It's the universe, for the God's sake! There really isn't a way to avoid it.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
Ahh, yes. Newton's Third Law. It is the essence of simple physics. Our spiritual equilibrium. (Take your pick, it's still the same thing.)

This simple law, this balancing can take a millisecond to several centuries to complete. Sometimes it takes so long, you forget what actually started it and it stands out strangely. It seems to jump out of the blue at you, shouting gibberish and bearing gifts. ...Or switches. We get so used to these sudden twists of fate, that we tend to forget the simple ones. I was reminded just the other week.

I grew up in a household of computers. My Dad kept a server in my room for most of my life, so I grew acquainted with them pretty fast. I also get bad anxiety end up not sleeping for most the night if I hear a loud beep. (His server crashed a lot.)
Although I was raised with computers, I generally didn't ask a whole lot of questions about them. I observed from the sidelines, watching my Dad's creations run and break around me. It was a wonderful experience. Unfortunately, there are some things that I have taken for granted over the years. Like gas dusters. Gas dusters, spray dusters, canned air, or compressed air, is used to clean computers. It's basically just air in a can.
Well, okay. Liquids too. But that doesn't matter so much.
One of the things that I have noticed over the years but never asked out was the temperature change of these things. If you use it, the can gets very cold. As a kid, I just took this as it was and remembered to not touch them after they had been used.
Just the other day, I started wondering about them. Why do they get cold? Compression should create heat. I asked my Dad. He was pretty patient about it.
"Well, what is a consistent quality of gasses?" He asked.
"I dunno. I haven't really studied them." I replied.
"They heat if you put them under pressure." He looked at me seriously, waiting for it to click.
"Oookay." I said, feeling a bit dumb. "So why does it get cold?"
"What happens when you release the gas?"
"It decompresses."
"Right. So...?"
It clicked then. It was so simple! So wonderfully simple and brainless in design. I had forgotten the Third Law. Every action must have it's opposite... So if compression creates heat, then decompression must create...
"Cold. It turns cold." I said, and burst into hysteric giggles. I had forgotten the universe's balance. No matter how skewed my life may be at the moment, it will normalize at some point. ...Whatever normal is.

Until the next time, my fellow beings! Remember Newton's Third Law.
Blessed be.
-Gwen <3