Monday, November 7

My first Sabbat

On November 1 this month, I had my first Samhain ritual. I was originally going to do it on October 31, but I didn't feel so great. Anyway, I read up on ritual design (covered in 'Living Wicca: A Further Guide for the Solitary Practitioner' by Scott Cunningham) and created a ritual I really liked. Here it is:

Chalice (a drinking glass)
Pomegranate juice (pomegranate is the "fruit of the dead" in Greek culture)
Red candle
Candle Holder* (Optional in the sense that you don't need a special holder. You will want something to keep it still so that it doesn't burn the place down.)
Wand/Athame (I used my own wand. She's a Scorpio wand made out of sycamore wood. Here's her little bio.)
An un-carved pumpkin* (to symbolize the harvest)

Altar Layout
The Chalice and juice (symbolizing the Goddess) is set on the right side of the altar (as well as the incense), and the Wand/Athame and red candle is set on the left. The pumpkin is placed in the middle, along with any pictures/items associated with the deceased.

The Circle is cast with the Wand/Athame. (BTW, when I started Wicca I didn't really know how to cast a circle. Mr. Cunningham addressed it lightly in his before mentioned book, but it is mostly intuitive. If you do not yet know exactly how to cast Circles, I wrote a post that may help you.)
The candle is lit.
The Goddess and God are called to the Circle thus:
"Goddess of the silver moon, the fertile earth, and the wide seas. God of the golden sun, the wild forests, and the free skies. Please join my circle and watch over this ritual."
 A thank you and farewell is said to the deceased.
"I honor those who have left us this turn, and thank them for their love and inspiration. Their physical form will be missed, but their spirits linger on in a flame, in a whisper, and in the hearts of all they have touched. I wish them safety in their passing, and know that part of me stays with them, and them with me."
Pour the pomegranate juice into the chalice.
"I thank the Goddess for suppling us with our last harvest and guide the God in his passing in this turn.
Blessed be."
Drink half of the juice, snuff out the candle, break the circle, and gather up the tools. Leave the rest of the juice outside for the departed.

Other notes
The Altar itself was our oak dining table. (facing South)