Wednesday, July 17

A Protection Sachet

There's a little metaphysical shop right near me that sells crystals, candles, incenses and books. I used to not go in there because I didn't have money, I didn't leave the house on my own*, and I don't like strong incenses.
This changed when I started going to work. I'd walk past it three times a week and, on my way back one day, I decided to stop by and take a look at their books. I didn't end up buying anything, but I came back the next week and ended up getting "Magical Herbalism" by Scott Cunningham. This is a great book and I definitely recommend it for anyone interested in herbs.

After getting this book, I got a frantic call from my friend. He's 12 and a little unstable, and he is left at home for long stretches of time.
He said that his dog was freaking out and he was seeing moving shadows and flashing lights, and hearing thumping noises. He had called his dad, but was told that he was imagining things.
I ended up walking him through the house over the phone. After a while, the disruptions stopped. I told him that the next time I saw him, I'd have a ghost-repelling kit for him.
Unfortunately, he isn't allowed to burn sage or candles in the house. This limited the options for a kit, but I found a spell in the book I had just got.
Here it is.

A 7"X7" white cotton cloth
3, 7, or 9 dried protective herbs** (I used Fennel, Juniper, and Rosemary)
An earthenware bowl
A medium-sized piece of red string/yarn

1. Mix the herbs in the small earthenware bowl with your hands.
2. Put the mixed herbs in the center of the cloth.
3. Gather up the corners of the cloth and tie them together with the red string, saying
"I bind thee to protect this house and all within it."
4. Knot 12 more times, repeating the above with each knot.
5. Stand facing south, holding your magic knife/wand in your strong hand, and the bag of herbs in the other. (You may use your hand instead of the knife/wand)
5. Press the tip of the knife/the wand/your hand to the bag and say
"May this that I have fashioned tonight
serve as guardian and protector of this house
and all who reside within it.
May it serve me well."
(You can substitute some of these words. For example, I would change the last line to "May it serve this family well" as it isn't going up in my house. You can also use this in somewhere that isn't a house, like a boat, car, or camper.)
6. Hang the bag by its string in the highest point in the house. (If this can't be done, hang in in a closet or over the main entrance.) If it's in a car, place it under the driver's seat.

And there we go. This will protect your house. I haven't seen my friend yet, so I haven't performed the ritual, but I hope to soon.

Blessed be, and may your home be free from negative, unwanted entities.
-Gwen <3

* What can I say? I call my generation "Generation Bubble-Wrap" because we were raised by "Generation X: the Generation that Raised Themselves" and so we're overprotected.

** The herbs listed on the page are:
Angelica [NOTE: Looks a lot like Hemlock, which is VERY poisonous. DO NOT CONFUSE THE TWO.]
Ash (twigs and leaves)
Balm of Gilead
Bay laurel
Elderberries (berries or leaves)
Peony roots
Rose geranium
St. John's wort

Hello again, Internet.

I keep forgetting that I have a blog. Well, I keep forgetting I have a blog under the name of "Gwen."
I have many alter-egos on the internet and it's hard keeping up with them, working, getting into college, and trying to have some kind of social life.
Luckily, things are stabilizing around here and I think I'll be able to keep on doing this.

In some news. my Mom has pretty much accepted that I'm a witch. I even bought a tarot deck when we went to Barnes and Noble! It's my first deck. I really like it.
The Art Nouveau deck
Also, I got my first real request for help in occult affairs... Here's the post.