Monday, October 22

Easing Myself Out

My laptop fried a while ago and I have to use the family computer to blog. This means that I can't write anything that I wouldn't want anyone in the house to see. My family knows that I'm a Wiccan, but I'm still weird about it. Besides, it's weird writing with people over my shoulder.
So I just haven't been blogging here. It's sad, really. I tell myself I'm comfortable with my religion, but I'm still closeted to most of the people I know.
Speaking of coming out of the broom closet, I told my friend's Mom that I was a witch a while back! We were sitting in the car, talking about religion and I mentioned it. As I did it, an odd feeling as if I were stretching across several parallel universes came over me. I heard myself say in a slow voice that I had recently decided that Wicca was the best religion for me and I thought "Well, here we go. All cards are on the table. Let's just see how she reacts." She just congratulated me upon my finding myself and we kept talking. The feeling was amazing. The first person outside my family sphere that I 'came out' to, and she totally took it in stride.

In more important news, I held an initiation ceremony for myself on September 21! (It was supposed to me September 20, but I couldn't do it that day.) I'll post the layout later. =)