Sunday, September 22

How to Make Anointment Oil

An important part of working with candles is anointment.
Anointment is the act of rubbing a candle with oil. This cleanses and consecrates it for your use.

While shops sell special anointment oils, home made oils are easier, less expensive, and usually just as effective.
The most basic anointment oil is made with plain saffron, corn, or olive oil.

Here's how I make mine:

  • (1) small glass bottle with a cork stopper
  • A bottle of virgin olive oil from the kitchen

  1. Fill the bottle with oil
  2. Place your hands over the bottle and say "I cleanse and consecrate this oil in the name of [your deity]. May it serve me well."
  3. Insert the stopper and label the bottle clearly.

You can also infuse the oil with herbs, but I have yet to do that. If you're interested, this may be helpful: Wikipedia:Infusion

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